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Football Fall 2020 (now Spring 2021)

Hello all!

A big THANK YOU and WAY TO GO to all our coaches, players, and volunteers for the successful off-season "phase 2" training that ended on August 6.  We had over 60 players take part, with many of them coming to each and every training session.  Impressive! 

Tentative High School Sports Schedule for Seasons 1-4

Season 3 is Football - 2 weeks of Practice (2/22 - 3/7) followed by 8 weeks of season (3/8 - 4/25) and 2 weeks of post season

Varsity and C-Team Summer Schedule (cancelled)

To participate in practices, weights, conditioning, etc. student athletes must be registered for football and completed all steps.  *impact (concussion) testing is TBD and will happen before practices begin.


Click here to register online through BHS Final Forms. (See the Parent Playbook for instructions.) 

**at the top of the page, make sure you change the year to 2020-21 school/season.



practices, weights, conditioning

July 6-10
July 13-17
July 20-24

weight lifting/conditioning 
              August 1-14


July 27 - 31
 4:30pm - 6:30pm 

weight lifting/conditioning

August 1-14

All practices/camps, etc. are held at BHS.

Register for 2020 Fall Football

2020-21 Sport Must Do's


  • Sign Up for Sport
  • Update Final Forms
  • Impact Testing
  • Physicals


Registration is open for 2020-21 sports at BHS through FINAL FORMS.  Please follow the direction below to sign up for Fall Football!  Doing this NOW will help us plan for summer activities. 


Click here to register online through BHS FinalForms. (See the Parent Playbook for instructions.)  **at the top of the page, make sure you change the year to 2020-21 school/season.


IMPACT TESTING:  All students must have an up to date Impact Test (concussion testing).  Details about times/dates and the "how" for this summer will be coming out soon through BHS.  Please make sure to look for this information so if your student-athlete needs to update their test, they can sign up and do this before football starts!


PHYSICALS:  WIAA rules state that student-athletes must have an up to date Physical to play sports (must have one every 24 months).  Please make sure to get this completed before football season.  It is recommended you call your Doctor office NOW and see when/how to get this done before June 20. Many offices are scheduling in-person visits for June, now!

Player Meeting - Weight Schedule

 All Interested student-athletes who currently are in grades 9-11 should attend a 2020 Football Information meeting with the coaches on February 27, 2020 at 5:30PM.  Meet in the Locker Room at BHS.

Off Season Weight Lifting/Conditioning

All Student Athletes who are interested in playing football for the 2020 season are encouraged to attend winter workouts.

Winter Workouts (December-February)

  •  February Break (2/17-21):  9:00am M,T,TH,F
  •  February 2/24-2/28:  5:30pm M,T,TH,F


SPRING Workouts (March-June)

Starting March 2, Football Workouts will move to 5:45am.


Starting MARCH 2, 2020

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

 5:45-6:45am Conditioning/Weight Room workouts at BHS

players should meet in the weight room


Wednesday/Saturday Player Led Practices:  Please have your student-athlete reach out to one of the following players to learn more about these player-led practices:

  • Bryson Sleeper
  • Elliott Hamilton
  • Collin Backer
  • Peter Netelenbos


2020 Spring Practice (CANCELLED)

After spring sports season is completed, Spring Football begins.  Spring football will include 10 days of practice and a couple scrimmages against other teams.  All players who will be in grades 10-12 for the 2020 season should participate.

June 2-5:  5pm Practice

June 6: 9am Practice

June 8-11:  5pm Practice

June 12: Scrimmage (time/location TBD)

June 13: 9am Practice

June 16,18: 5pm Practice

June 19: Scrimmage (Time/Location TBD)

  • Equipment needed -  Cleats,  Mouth Guard,  We will Hand out the Rest
  • Physical on File - Required (See Below)
  • ImPACT  Testing - Required (See Below)

ImPACT Testing (2019 Dates)

This concussion protocol testing is required every TWO years, incoming freshmen and junior players need to sign up and complete this before any on-field activities.


We will be having ImPACT testing for students who need to update their baseline test or are coming out for the first time on these dates and times at BHS:

0108 (downstairs wing – computer tech room):

  • Monday August 19th 12:00pm and 1:00pm
  • Tuesday August 20th 12:00pm and 1:00pm
  • Wednesday August 21st 2:00pm
  • Thursday August 22nd 12:00pm and 1:00pm
  • Friday August 23rd 2:00pm
  • Monday August 26th 11:00am

Register (2019 Info)

Families need to register at FinalForms and have an up to date physical turned into John Hill. Families that were in the program last year have been added to the 2019-20 Football roster on FinalForms already. Families can check and see if information is up to date or not on the site. The Physical form is on the BHS Athletic site to be downloaded and taken to the pediatrician to sign.

You can send the signed form in a pdf to John Hill ( or bring to school and deliver

Students who attend International School, Big Picture or attend a private school and live in the BHS attendance zone can contact me for help and information about getting registered onto FinalForms ( 425-456-7038)

Click here for BSD physical form or complete a printable form in FinalForms. Good for two years.